Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Review: Run Fatboy Run & Man on Wire

Run Fatboy Run

It was a really funny movie, I'll give it that. It had Simon Pegg and Hank Azaria so it automatically scored cool points because I love those two. It was, what you could call, a romantic comedy, but it really was just a dry British humour film with some love elements thrown into the mix, which at some points didn't fit too well, but it was still enjoyable, nevertheless.

I was thoroughly delighted and laughed the whole way through. I generally am not the biggest fan of rom-coms, but this story about a man who decides to prove himself to his ex by attempting to run the London Marathon is utterly hilarious. This is really a hidden gem, perfect for the couple that wants to chill out and watch a movie that will appeal to both of them.


Man on Wire

This documentary is interesting as hell, but like David said, and I agree with, it's one of those stories that is really cool and would be really awesome to hear from the guy who did it, in real life, but the movie dragged on a bit and wasn't always so captivating. Overall, I enjoyed it, but would have liked it more had it been a bit shorter.

It told the story of a French wire walker, who traveled from Paris to New York and set up an elaborate plan with friends to set up a wire between the two towers (in the 70s) so that he could walk between the towers and put on a show. And he did. In the end, it's a pretty amazing story and it's definitely worth the watch.


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