Wednesday, March 25, 2009

55 Words

Mags (a dear old friend) replied to my last update suggesting I share a 55 word story I wrote a few years ago. I found this website where the author writes and illustrates stories that are 55 words - no more no less.

I wrote into her and she put mine up.

The key was firmly held between her sweaty fingers and palm. Determined, she looked both ways before crossing the street. The mail was delivered daily, inconveniently dropped off at a collective mailbox across the road. With a turn from the key in its slot, box number fifteen unlocked. Peering in, she sighed. Empty once again.

-by Rachel J. L.


  1. my oh my what a wonderful story! and what a wonderful suggestion to post this story from what i would assume to be a WONDERFUL person!!

  2. Supernice... now my english is very bad, but I hope to improve it and write a 55-words history too!!

  3. For a 55 word story, that's not bad at all.