Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 294

It's Day 294 of braces! Woohoo! That means they are due to come off very very soon!

I haven't updated on my life much recently. School's meh. It's not exactly what I expected, so that's a bit disappointing, but hopefully my classes will pick up next semester. I finish this term on December 8th, and begin the following term in the beginning of January so I will have a nice month to catch up on reading and TV shows. (I still need to finish you New Moon and Angel!)

So yeah, in the meantime, I have an 8 page paper due on Wednesday which I have hardly begun. I promised myself I would get back to working immediately after making this post, and so it will be.

Not much else is new. I have pretty much zero social life these days because I am either in class, on the subway or doing homework. David got pretty sick this week so I didn't get to see him either.

Okay, so now I leave you with a picture of my teeth from just now! My, how they've shifted!

Will I open my mouth??????????


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hey all.

According to a close source (who needs to come online more often, ahem), it's day 243 of braces. I'm just going to trust my source on this one, because, honestly, I have definitely lost count.

My braces are good these days. They bug me every so often but it's not so bad.

I'm in alone tonight. Stuff didn't work out so I will probably spend the night watching Buffy and catching up on some school readings.

That reminds me: I have begun my master program at UofT and so far I'm quite enjoying it. It's different but also the same.

Okay Buffy time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

One more side-by-sider for my two fans:

April 14th VS August 12th

It's me!

Okay... so it's been a while since I updated.

Okay, a really really long while.

I saw the orthodontist yesterday. Things have really been coming along. The changes month to month are a lot more minor I feel - compared to the changes I saw in the first 4 or 5 months. I think around now is the 7 month mark of wearing the braces.

Let's see how they've come along...
These are from today, two slightly different views.

(and just for reference... this is me from back then: )

And now for some shameless self-photography!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Went to UofT today to get my new student card. I have to admit that York's cards are way nicer. It's true.

I smiled, he took the photo, told me to stand to the side and two minutes later I had a piping hot card in my hand, straight out of the printer. It's so weird still that I'm going to be at UofT next year. It's almost like it hasn't really set in.

I know it will though - very soon.

My birthday is coming up and, as requested, here is an updated version of my gift list:

♥ gift certificates to the shopping centre

♥ alcohol. I like dry white wines, chocolate/coffee/vanilla liquors, beer, practical drink kits, recipe books

a classy looking jewellery hanger for mainly necklaces (because I don't have earrings) Thanks Laur!!

♥ makeup

♥ mp3 player

♥ digital camera

I hope that helps. There are other things I like but nothing I could think of at the time of this post.

As for the braces... I have an appointment July 16th. I need them to be off my teeth fasterrrrrrrrr.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hi there

I am soooo upset I haven't updated here in ages. I have been busy out of my mind and up to my ears in work. I'm done classes but I just have a take-home test to work on this week and a final group essay to submit. So, still a bit of work but not nearly as much as I had before.

Anyhoo, the braces are doing great. My teeth look so straight and it's crazy how it's only been like 4 and a half months and I see amazing results. I don't know how much more magic the ortho can really make happen. But here's hoping to getting them off SOON! I'll post some pictures later. I have work today from 11:30 to 3:30 so when I'm home I'll be sure to share the joy with all three of my readers.

See you soon!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm in love

with Dreamweaver. What an amazing program. I have got to get my hot little hands on that. I use it at school but I need to get it for home use.

Took a pic tonight, sorry the lighting's lousy, but alas:

Love you all. Next ortho appointment May 12!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

University of Toronto

I got an acceptance to University of Toronto for grad school! Woooooooooooooooo!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 90 Of Braces

I had a tightening today.

I now leave you with a photograph timeline:



April 1st

Today, April 14th:

Thanks for following! There will be MORE to come :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flash Mob

I. Love. This.

Twitter vs. Facebook

This update was inspired by this blog post.

Twitter creeps me out and makes me feel weird. I get all of these people I don't even know following me on Twitter and I just wonder how on earth they found me. And even though there are a few people on Twitter that I know that are following me, I feel like I'm spamming them if I post updates - especially because I am limited to those 140 characters.

What I like about Facebook is that while it has the "update" feature the same way that Twitter does, I like that it also has so many other aspects - like the ability to post on someone's wall, applications, a marketplace, communities and groups, and sending them private messages where there aren't the same constraints of getting your message across in 140 characters (like on Twitter) and also having everyone else on your Twitter get that same message.

I guess my real problem with it is that there's not the same level of privacy. Once you have someone following you on Twitter, they can see everything you post, whether it's directed at them or not. I suppose there is a privacy option where you can restrict people from viewing your Twitter account if they're not your friend, but even so, your "friends" can still see everything you write even if it wasn't meant for their eyes. Facebook has the limited profiles feature, which Twitter lacks. Once someone's a follower on Twitter, you either restrict their viewing access or they see it all. There's no in between.

On Facebook, you can't always see conversations so easily because if you write on someone's wall, it's for them and only people really looking for it or checking out their wall can find it. On Twitter, since there's ONLY status updates, people read everything. There's this sort of difference where on Facebook, you seek out what you're interested in seeing about people's conversations... but on Twitter, you're witness to everything.

I think I'll always be a Facebook junkie at heart. I have had an account with Facebook since the very start, so I am a bit biased.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Review: Run Fatboy Run & Man on Wire

Run Fatboy Run

It was a really funny movie, I'll give it that. It had Simon Pegg and Hank Azaria so it automatically scored cool points because I love those two. It was, what you could call, a romantic comedy, but it really was just a dry British humour film with some love elements thrown into the mix, which at some points didn't fit too well, but it was still enjoyable, nevertheless.

I was thoroughly delighted and laughed the whole way through. I generally am not the biggest fan of rom-coms, but this story about a man who decides to prove himself to his ex by attempting to run the London Marathon is utterly hilarious. This is really a hidden gem, perfect for the couple that wants to chill out and watch a movie that will appeal to both of them.


Man on Wire

This documentary is interesting as hell, but like David said, and I agree with, it's one of those stories that is really cool and would be really awesome to hear from the guy who did it, in real life, but the movie dragged on a bit and wasn't always so captivating. Overall, I enjoyed it, but would have liked it more had it been a bit shorter.

It told the story of a French wire walker, who traveled from Paris to New York and set up an elaborate plan with friends to set up a wire between the two towers (in the 70s) so that he could walk between the towers and put on a show. And he did. In the end, it's a pretty amazing story and it's definitely worth the watch.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Review: Max Payne

Max Payne is a film based on a video game. And you know what they say about movies based on video games.

Seriously, though, it wasn't that bad. It had some really great action sequences, and a bunch of pretty awesome camera angles and tricks. The acting was lacking, but then again, I don't think that Mark Wahlberg is really known for his strong acting. Mila Kunis had a role in the film and I can't imagine her as anything other than Jackie. And, maybe Meg.

It was the kind of movie I see once and forget about - although it had a cool style and some neat effects. Rotten Tomatoes really didn't like it, and I can understand why. The plot was nothing special, and I think it might have been the writers' faults. David told me that he played the game and it was very good and, though it's been a while since he's played it, he noticed some things had been changed.

If you have seen it, share your thoughts.

My Rating: ** / *****

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hey all

I'm over at David's right now. I have a terrible headache. Waiting for the no name equivalent of Advil to kick in. I forgot the real stuff at home so I'm depending on David's cheap stuff to do the trick.

Tonight, we rented:

I think we'll start with Max Payne, then Run Fatboy Run. I feel in the mood for something light. And fluffy.

Today for lunch, David and I went to his friend Moe's place. We hung out with a bunch of friends. It was a nice day.

I'm super hungry but I'm done my calories for the day.

Anyhoo, time to cuddle up on the couch with Davey. But first, I leave you with a good ol' dose of Rachel.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

55 Words

Mags (a dear old friend) replied to my last update suggesting I share a 55 word story I wrote a few years ago. I found this website where the author writes and illustrates stories that are 55 words - no more no less.

I wrote into her and she put mine up.

The key was firmly held between her sweaty fingers and palm. Determined, she looked both ways before crossing the street. The mail was delivered daily, inconveniently dropped off at a collective mailbox across the road. With a turn from the key in its slot, box number fifteen unlocked. Peering in, she sighed. Empty once again.

-by Rachel J. L.