Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm really excited for this weekend.

David and I are going to be celebrating our two year anniversary. January 28th is a Wednesday, so we're moving our festivities to the prior weekend because the next weekend is UFC 94 (which should be AWESOME).

Today I spent the afternoon with true blue bud, Lauren. We had lunch and did some serious shopping. I bought two sweaters and am going to return one because I had a case of "looked good in the store but not good at home." Don't you hate that?

I am looking forward to Shabbat dinner and then a quiet evening tomorrow night. :)

I've been really stressed out with this strike and the worry of when we'll get back to school. I've also been doubly stressed out about grad school. I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it. I should have been doing it months ago, but I just felt too nervous about it I kept putting it off to let Future Rachel worry about it. Now, Future Rachel is definitely worried.

Hopefully I can get it taken care of tomorrow. I have quite a few errands to run tomorrow so I'll be happy to get them all out of the way.

I can't wait to see David. ♥

Update on the Braces:

Food got stuck in them for the first time today. Definitely not used to that. Thankfully, I had floss on me and solved the problem swiftly.


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