Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 3 Of Braces

Today wasn't so easy, either. Woke up with terrible mouth, gums, and tooth pain and wanted to punch something.

Poor David, had to listen to me complain all night and day. Spent the day with him. We went for groceries, watched a movie, and I ate Jell-O. We had a fun day and it was pretty successful at distracting me from the pain. Now he's watching UFC (I am too sort of, behind him and watching over his shoulder). Figured I'd update. So yeah, hopefully the pain is much better by tomorrow.

PS: I'm brushing my teeth like I never have before, it's so weird. Four times a day, baby. Gimme a kiss.

PPS: I forgot to add that the face that David's making is a joke and he does not ACTUALLY smile like that.

♥ Rach

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