Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 6 Of Braces

There is still discomfort but not really any pain, unless I'm eating (still a bit hard to chew) or flossing.

I've been having a really hard time with flossing because my teeth are so tight together from the braces. I went to Shoppers yesterday and bought Oral-B Superfloss "ideal for braces" but the floss was too thick to fit between my teeth. Instead, I've been using Oral-B Satin floss because it's thin enough that it actually fits in the really "hard-to-squeeze-in" places.

There were a few dental flosses at the store for "tight teeth" but nothing said for braces and I was worried that they could damage the wire if I pull the floss upwards with too much strength.

Oh well, soon my teeth will be perfect and the only metal left in my mouth will be a small metal retainer behind my four front teeth. I am also really happy because I think having braces is really going to improve the care I take of my mouth - flossing, brushing, tongue- and cheek-cleaning, and mouthwashing. My mouth and teeth feel a hell of a lot healthier already.

I encourage everyone to try, for at least a couple days, to floss their teeth before going to bed!

Oh, one last thing...
A Wish From Rach: Happy anniversary, Laur + Josh!

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