Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 294

It's Day 294 of braces! Woohoo! That means they are due to come off very very soon!

I haven't updated on my life much recently. School's meh. It's not exactly what I expected, so that's a bit disappointing, but hopefully my classes will pick up next semester. I finish this term on December 8th, and begin the following term in the beginning of January so I will have a nice month to catch up on reading and TV shows. (I still need to finish you New Moon and Angel!)

So yeah, in the meantime, I have an 8 page paper due on Wednesday which I have hardly begun. I promised myself I would get back to working immediately after making this post, and so it will be.

Not much else is new. I have pretty much zero social life these days because I am either in class, on the subway or doing homework. David got pretty sick this week so I didn't get to see him either.

Okay, so now I leave you with a picture of my teeth from just now! My, how they've shifted!

Will I open my mouth??????????


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